Educating the next generation of Bnos Yisrael


Educating Mind & Heart

Bais Yaakov of Pomona was created to guide our girls on their journey to becoming committed and authentic Bnos Yisrael.

We pride ourselves in our warmth and positivity, inspiring in our girls a growth mindset that is geared towards building a genuine and grounded connection to Yiddishkeit.

We aim to infuse the warmth and fire of Torah and mitzvos into our talmidos, galvanizing their success with unhindered belief in their potential for greatness.

With our premiere Kodesh and General Studies education, we equip them for the rigors of contemporary society while centering חשיבות התורה and it’s value system forefront in our lives.

Our high academic standards are blended with an understanding and care that accounts for the needs of every student and sees each child as a whole person, an individual with unique talents and strengths. With this multifaceted approach, we strive to bring out the best in every child, encouraging their emotional, spiritual, social and academic success.

In Bais Yaakov of Pomona, learning is joyful and sincere, be it in the classroom or in our various extracurricular activities. Our every day is focused with the ultimate goal of fostering derech eretz, middos, and cultivating exquisite Bnos Yisrael.

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